Only The LOVE of Jesus Christ trumps hate!

Jul 15, 2018 at 10:00 am by sonyamcclloughlockridge

Only The LOVE of Jesus Christ trumps hate!

Our love spills freely from our desperately wicked hearts and lacks the wisdom of Almighty God and is therefore weak and wobbly!

His Love changed water to wine.

His Love sat with the Samaritan woman in the light of day.

His LOVE builds bridges and overpasses while walking on water and sleeping in sinking ships. His LOVE provides, protects, keeps and shapes his sheep.

His LOVE gathers people to move stones, to allow the dead to rise and walk! 

Only the LOVE of Jesus Christ trumps hate.

Just ask the blind man, the man with leprosy or the woman with an issue of blood. They were all outcasts!

But when the King of Kings and The Lord of Lord steps into their life, they are healed, and they SEE things they have never seen before.

They STEP into places and spaces they never dreamed of. And, they SIT without the fear of quietly STANDING alone in worship of the one who hung the moon, set the stars and sent his one and only son to save us from our SINS.

Christ in our spiritual person is the HOPE of glory and only the LOVE of Jesus Christ trumps hate!

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