Exchange Club of Murfreesboro honors 2020 Firefighter of the Year

Nov 05, 2020 at 09:22 am by

Vanessa Roeger, left to right, Deputy Chief Roger Toombs, Matt Roeger, and Fire Chief Mark Foulks

Exchange Club of Murfreesboro recently announced its City of Murfreesboro Fire / Rescue Employee of the Year. 

The 2020 honoree is Matt Roeger, a driver, engineer and advanced EMT who is assigned to Ladder 11 C-Shift, was honored on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Roeger has been employed with Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Department for over eight years now. His Nickname is "Rescue Roeger" (pronounced "Rager").

In early October, off duty Engineer Matt Roeger, was notified by a friend that EMS was on their way to assist his next-door neighbor. The patient was sitting outside his home and stated that he had been mowing the lawn when he started experiencing chest pains. He then went into cardiac arrest. Engineer Roeger quickly began chest compressions before EMS and Engine 7 arrived. EMS was able to defibrillate the patient and secure a pulse. Engineer Roeger's swift reaction played a key role in the patient's survival."

Joining in the presentation was Matt's wife Vanessa, Fire Chief Mark Foulks, and Deputy Chief Roger Toombs.

Program Chair Gayle Passovoy said "Fire prevention and rescue has been a major avenue of Exchange Club service since the 1940s. Since its inception, National Exchange Club's Fire Prevention Program has been endorsed by nearly every U.S. President, and many of the nation's leading Fire / Rescue Department Officials. Exchange Clubs kick off their Fire Prevention Program campaigns during October which is National Fire Prevention Month."

Learn more about The Exchange Club of Murfreesboro, chartered in 1951, visit or follow them on Facebook.

Community service is the lifeline of The Exchange Club. This is a Program of Service that most allows The Exchange Club of Murfreesboro to identify leaders in our community who accept the challenge of excellence in their position of a Fire Fighter / First Responder.


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